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Thank you for your interest in test-driving the SportsClubWebSiteCreator. A fictitious "Texans Sport Club" web site has been set up to allow you to sample the many features of SportsClubWebSiteCreator. Texans Sport Club web site is a fully functional rendition of a SportsClubWebSiteCreator site, which has been created by test-driving users such as yourself.  If you are interested in test-driving the SportsClubWebSiteCreator or would like to use our services, please request a admin login by completing and submitting the "Request for Site Administrative Account" Form.

As Texans Sport Club SportsClubWebSiteCreator administrator, you will have full control of the web site -- you will be able to create, delete, modify staffs profiles; create, delete, modify divisions, groups, teams; post announcements, schedule games, clinics and practices; assign coaching staff, delegate team administration; upload teams and events pictures, Select and design from hundreds combinations of backgrounds/foregrounds/tables/... colors and logos, etc. You can see your creations or changes immediately.

Click Here to see a sample of web site that has already been created by a collection of test-driving users such as yourself.

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