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  • Simply enter data for each box on the form. Valid characters and whether an input is required or not is shown for each box. If you enter an invalid character or  miss a required input, the form gives you warning and makes you re-enter it correctly.
  • Uploading your Picture: There are two ways that  you can upload your picture to the form/website yourself. 
    1.  If you  have your picture posted somewhere on the web (either your personal website, shared pictures site, or any other website), just enter the web address (url) of your picture in the Picture Address box.
    2. If you rather to upload your picture from your computer, after you submit your data, the system gives you an option to do so.
  • Picture Requirements:  A head shot picture should be in your red uniform. Pictures should be approximately 200 pixels by 200 pixels (2.5 inches x 2.5 inches) or proportional with this size and should be less than 1MB in total. Please note that if you use different sizes, the system will automatically adjust the size to 200 pixels by 200 pixels, that could have some inverse impact on your picture.

Upon successful completion of the form:

  • You receive a link in which you can view (not to change) your created profile.

  • An email will automatically be sent to the Club Admin notifying him/her on new profile posted. The admin then can review, approve, modify or reject the posted profile.
  • For security and privacy protection, your detail sensitive information such as Birth Date, Address, picture, parents information, etc. will only be available to the authorized leaders of the club (e.g., your coach, your manager, and the system admin).
  • Only your name, position and jersey number will be available to public.
  • Please proofread your information carefully. 

  • Any future changes to the submitted form data must be done by the authorized Club's leader.


  • You don't have to have special software or tool (e.g., Microsoft Word, etc) to send your form.
  • You don't have to be worry about assigning a correct file name or format for your profile. The system will automatically assign an unique file name, based on your first name, last name and birth date. In the case where such a file name already exist, it asks you to enter another name (e.g., add one digit to your last name or first name, etc.)
  • You don't have to send a paper hard copy of your form via mail (post, etc.)
  • You don't have to be worry about sending email to Clubs admin or coaches. The system will automatically generate such a email and send to the admin along with submitted data.
  • Your coach, Manager, and admin can access your/your parents contact information (phones, emails) online at anytime and from anywhere with just clicking a button on the web site.

First Name   Required 1-30 alphanumeric
Last Name   Required 1-30 alphanumeric
Street Address Optional 3-50 alphanumeric
City   Optional 3-30 alphanumeric
State TX                                 Zip                    Optional 5-10 alphanumeric
Phone   Required 10-20 valid characters
email   Optional 6-80 alphanumeric
Dad's First Name   Optional 1-30 alphanumeric
Dad's Phone   Optional 10-15 valid characters
Dad's email   Optional 6-80 alphanumeric
Mom's First Name   Optional 1-30 alphanumeric
Mom's Phone   Optional 10-15 valid characters
Mom's email   Optional 6-80 alphanumeric
Player's Birth Date MM    DD    YY Required mm/dd/yyyy
Player's Physical Height: Feet           Inch     Weight: lbs Optional Height and Weight
Player's Gender   Optional BOY/GIRL
Team Year Required 2-digit year
Team Gender Select from the list
Team Color Required 3-20 alphanumeric
Select the Division         Select from the list
Position Plays Multiple Choices allowed
Jersey number   Optional 1-2 digit integer number
High School High School Name, Address, Grade
Academic Achievements Optional up to 255 characters
Athletic Achievements Optional up to 255 characters
Community Service Optional up to 255 characters
Graduation Optional up to 255 characters
Club Experience Optional up to 255 characters
ODP Experience Optional up to 255 characters
References Optional up to 255 characters
Picture Address Optional Valid Picture URL.


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