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Partial list of features includes:

At the Club Level (By Site Admin)

  • Register Club Organization, Groups, Charter, Address, Contact Information, etc.
  • Register Leaders, Board Members, Directors, Managers, Coaches, etc
  • Delegation of Administrative Tasks
  • Access Control
  • Select and Design with more than thousand color combination for background, foregrounds, tables, etc.
  • Establish Common Look & Feel for Team Sites
  • Publish Club News and Announcements
  • Upload Club's logo; forms (e.g., application, flyers, waivers, handouts); bylaws; Uniforms; Merchandise; Special News and Honors.
  • Upload and select the top-10 team pictures to be shown on the main page as slideshow.
  • Upload Sponsor pictures and/or logos.
  • Fields and Locations with Maps and Current Weather Information.
  • Common Look & Feel email accounts for all your staffs (up to 100) (<staff_id>@<yourclub_domain_name>)

At the Team Level (By Site Admin and/or Team's Coaches & Managers)

  • Post their (Leaders) Profile with Pictures
  • Maintain up-to-date Team Roster. Two versions will be created (1.Detail: viewable by staffs only, 2. Simple: for game sheet and public)
  • Maintain up-to-date Player's information.
  • Update Players Profile as necessary.
  • Publish Team News and Announcements
  • Publish Team Schedule of events; e.g., Clinics, Camps, Tryouts and more
  • Upload Team's Logo, images, forms, and more
  • Photo Albums and Slideshows for each team and special event

At the Team Level (By Players)

  • Post their profile with their picture. Subject to verification and acceptance by the club's leaders.

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